Thursday, 4 September 2014

DAY 4: Article at 'History Refreshed by Susan Higginbotham'

DAY 4 of the Booktour: an article for 'History Refreshed by Susan Higginbotham', 'The Supposed Daughters of an Earl'. To read the article click HERE.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

DAY 3: Excerpt and Giveaway at The Anne Boleyn Files

For DAY 3 of the BOOKTOUR there is an excerpt to read and a copy of my book to win over at the excellent Anne Boleyn Files. Simply click HERE and make a comment at the end of the article for your chance to win.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

DAY 2: Excerpt and Giveaway over at On the Tudor Trail

Day 2 of the Booktour: An excerpt and giveaway over at author Natalie Grueninger's brilliant website On the Tudor Trail.
To read the excerpt and enter the giveaway simply leave a comment before 9 September 2014 by clicking here

DAY 1: An article for the Henry Tudor Society

Day 1 of my booktour:

An article for the Henry Tudor Society 'The Extraordinary Bond Between an Uncle and his Nephew'.

It highlights the incredible relationship between Jasper Tudor and his nephew Henry, battling for survival for most of their lives.

Click HERE to read it.

Virual Booktour for 'Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty'

Very excited to announce this week’s booktour for my book ‘Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty’..
This is the complete schedule:

Monday 1 September: The Henry Tudor Society (Article)
Tuesday 2 September:
On The Tudor Trail (Excerpt & Giveaway)
Wednesday 3 September:
The Anne Boleyn Files (Excerpt & Giveaway)
Thursday 4 September:
History Refreshed by Susan Higginbotham (Article)
Friday 5 September:
The Wars of the Roses Catalogue (Giveaway)

My book, Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty, is now available in colour and black & white editions from all the Amazon websites and Bookdepostory