Sunday, 27 January 2013

Birth of the Tudor Dynasty January 28th 1457

After having been a widow for closely three months, thirteen year old Margaret Beaufort and her unborn child were thought not to survive this childbirth. But when, on the winter morning of January 28th 1457, Margaret had been in labour for too long, she finally gave birth to a tiny little boy at his uncle’s castle of Pembroke, probably in the now so-called Henry VII Tower.

The story goes that baby Henry, or Owen as how he was called for many years by the Welsh, was conceived at Jasper Tudor’s Caldicot Castle when the just married Edmund Tudor Earl of Richmond and Margaret Beaufort spent some ‘’quality’’ time together.
Ironically Edmund died precisely at his 1st wedding anniversary on November 1st (0r the 3rd)1456 and so would not live to see his son. Edmund left his young wife and unborn child to the care of his brother Jasper who took his place as a father. Edmund’s legacy lived on and would exceed every expectation he might have had for his child. It would take nearly 3 decades to accomplish the unthinkable.
The future Henry VII and with him the Tudor Dynasty was born, today 556 years ago.


For more about Edmund Tudor’s death you can see my previous post.


  1. You have a typo above you may want to correct: "Ironically Edmund died precisely at his 1st wedding anniversary on November 1st 1456 and so would not LIVE to see his son."

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  3. It clearly states A history of Northumberland By Northumberland county history committee lists Thomas Gardner Prior of Tynemouth and lists his connection to the royal family through his father and mother William Gardiner and Ellen Tudor..
    The executor of William Gardiners will was his brother Sir Richard Gardiner Lord Mayor, Sheriff, Alderman and President of the London Mercers Guild.. Thomas was removed for his safety after Bosworth and his father death and educated at Crown expense at Westminster Abby.. Where he became Henry VIII personal Chaplin..
    You can read accounts in Thomas Gardiner's own hand complaining he wasn't sure if his decadence through Queen Catherine Valois was a help or a hindrance..

    Thomas Gardiners appointment to Tynemouth was made by Henry VIII after Mary Carey Urged Henry for the appointment as Thomas Gardiner would pay Mary Carey a monthly stipend to help support her family.. Mary's probate shows Thomas Gardiner paid her a stipend until her death.. It’s now my opinion this was a way for Henry to provide material support to Mary Boylen Carey without arousing suspicion at court.. As Henry & Thomas Gardiner were already acquainted.. Thomas Gardiners own words confirm without a doubt Jasper Tudor had a bastard daughter named Ellen Tudor.. The fact her brother in law was Alderman, Mayor, Sheriff and President of the Mercers Guild in the city of London speaks volumes.. During this period these Alderman were some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the known world..

    One welsh account of the battle of Bosworth Market states.. One of Rhys AP Thomas's men a Wyllyam Garydyner delivered the mortal with a poleaxe while Richard and his horse were mired in a marsh.. It's quite telling that story has been around for a few hundred years and low and behold. Richards body is finally discovered. Cause of death~? A blow to the head with a poleaxe. It's also quite telling the Royal families personal protectors and England oldest military order the Yeoman Guard were formed on that Battlefield in 1485.. You can still see them proudly standing behind the Queen holding there Poleaxes to this very day. William Gardner was quietly laid to rest on the Bank later that year having succumbed to infection from a wound he suffered during that battle..